We are a health and fitness company dedicated to providing exercise prescription that acknowledges your individual goals as well as your present and past medical conditions and injuries.

Kinesi-therapy Inc receives referrals along with a diagnosis from health care practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors and Massage Therapist. Once a diagnosis has been provided, safe exercise prescription is used to develop a specialized training program for each client. This integrated approach between healthcare providers allows the client to relax and focus on getting healthier faster.

We provide our services at an exclusive personal training studio (Momentum Fitness) as well as a physiotherapy clinic (Salus Physiotherapy) in Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia. Our unique location allows us to have access to a rich variety of health, fitness and medical professionals and resources, allowing us to provide safe exercise programming for all our clients.

The following services provided by Kinesi-therapy are catered to support your health and fitness goals:

  1. Active Rehabilitation
  2. Private and Group Yoga
  3. Personal Training Services
  4. International Wellness Retreat

As qualified and experienced trainers, we have a deep appreciation of how acute and chronic health conditions can affect our clients from reaching their goals safely and effectively. All our staff are highly qualified as registered kinesiologists and are considered human movement specialists. Proper technique and safe progressions are emphasized during all our training sessions and classes to ensure that you succeed without further injury.

Whether you are recovering from a recent illness or injury, training for an upcoming race, wanting to learn proper exercise techniques, or simply need a motivating and qualified mentor to help get you through those early morning training sessions, Kinesi-therapy can help you succeed!

Explore our website and see how Kinesi-therapy can bridge the gap between your health and fitness goals to ensure a quality and active lifestyle.



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